Mountain Trails Adventure School

Getting ready for camp? Here's some helpful info.

After hours camp contact

The phone at Mountain Trails’ campsite is for incoming calls only. There is no public phone. Campers are not permitted to use the phone unless the matter is approved by the Camp Director.
The emergency contact numbers for Mountain Trails during camp are:
Kitchen (this is the best number to use to contact your child) (02) 6227 9258
Office (with answering machine) (02) 6227 9266

Safety policy

Please see our Risk management plans page.

Map / Directions

Please see our How to get here page.


Please go to our Book a camp page.


Registering online will allow you to fill out and submit all the necessary forms. If you would like a paper based form, they can be found here.

  • Dietary
  • Medications
  • Special needs.
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Other important information

Health Issues

Any health problems not notified on your application form should be done so in confidence to the Camp Director. We request that you send only the amount of medication required during camp. Mountain Trails is not responsible for returning excess medication.


Smoking is NOT PERMITTED on any of our School Holiday Camps. Any cigarettes found will be confiscated and destroyed. Alcohol and illegal drugs are prohibited.


From time to time damage, like broken windows, occurs. We appreciate accidents do happen, however willful damage or the results of careless behaviour means we must charge you for the cost of repairs.

Behaviour Management

At Mountain Trails we aim to provide all participants with a safe, fun program. To do this we have basic guidelines for participant behaviour. In the event that a participant cannot abide by these rules, they will be asked to be collected by their parent/guardian. Mountain Trails may not be able to provide transport, so please have a back up.